At Upland Wine Barrel Company
Our customer’s needs are our primary concern.
We strive to provide quality products at exceptional
prices combined with excellent personal service.

Every barrel is handpicked by the owner.
Our product quality is a testament of our dedication to our customers.

We are a family owned business in Upland, California that has embraced our changing world. We have always been inspired by nature and we strive to promote and protect the harmony and balance of our environment. Our goal is to offer barrels of the highest quality. Combined with excellent personal service, we can provide you the raw product you need so you can create your own design with your individual taste, style and personality.

Our products are whole and half wine barrels both for sale and for rent.

Approximate measurements:

Whole Barrels are 35″ to 37″ tall, 28″ width and 59 gallon capacity.

• Half Barrels are 17″ to 18″ tall and 26″ to 28″ wide.